AVG is FREE and Easy- Virus Protection

Our AVG Virus Protection subscription ran out and instead of renewing the paid subscription we installed the free version.

We like the free AVG better for our home office purposes than the more complex version, purchased a year ago. We never could figure out how to configure the FireWall in the purchased version. The FireWall settings look like they are designed for professional IT departments who are running AVG in a corporate environment.

The free version installed easily during our lunch break with no glitches. It was up and running in a few minutes. We don’t like the automatic scan daily but this can be stopped or paused (nice feature) by right clicking on the AVG tray icon.

An irritating new addition to the free version since we last used it is a browser toolbar. AVG recommends at install that you accept this feature, but it might be better to pass. This tool bar includes a superfluous search engine textbox which defaults to Yahoo and is difficult, at first glance, to configure or turn off. This unwelcome addition to our already bogged down Windows Browser hogs screen space below the Windows menu bar. In our opinion this makes Yahoo look like the wannabe. Can’t they find a more elegant way to advertise?

Economic Downturn - We're Still Alive!

The economy has been so discouraging that for a time we gave up on CAD TechRX but then decided to continue to report our experiences and discoveries running a small business even when we are totally on the ground and very gritty. We know we’re not alone and maybe our experiences can help someone out!