VectorWorks 12 Export Options - Export to AutoCAD - Part II

If you are working back and forth between Vectorworks and AutoCAD, drawing conversion can be tricky. These VW12 settings are recommended for successful export to DWG or DXF format.

Screen Shot - Courtesy of Larry Mortimer, AIA


DwgSee Pro now available for AutoCAD 2007

We recommend DwgSee Pro for viewing AutoCAD files and converting DWG files to GIF, JPG, TIF or PDF format.

DWG files pull up fast in the viewer which makes using it a welcome relief for anyone who has to deal with large AutoCAD files and a slow computer.

Some features may seem clunky to AutoCAD users. For example, the Pan command draws a line to show where the user has panned. Getting the best resolution in converting DWG files to GIF, JPEG or TIFF is something we have not yet mastered.

Still, overall, DwgSeePro is a useful application, intended for professionals who need to review and markup drawings, quickly and don't want to hassle with AutoCAD.

For more information – read Cadalyst’s review:


Download and Test Drive a Demo from http://www.autodwg.com/.

If you already own the software, upgrading is free.


Fix Crashing AutoCAD Files which originated from Vectorworks - Part I

To fix crashing AutoCAD files that originated from Vectorworks try this procedure courtesy of CADneophyte from the Autodesk Discussion Group - posted on: Apr/10/06 - 18:11 (GMT)

1. Use the Recover Command not the Open Command to open,
2. Delete any extraneous layouts
3. Global Explode
4. Purge
5. Saveas R12.dxf
6. Recover same
8. Purge again
7. Saveas .dwg


Architects flourish in the Bay Area job market

Sunday, September 10, 2006 (SF Gate)

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Robert M. Detman