PDF2WORD v3.0 - Works like a charm! - Convert PDF to Word for FREE

This little app is a miracle worker. It downloads and installs quickly with no glitches. A dialog box will ask you to register but hit the Try button and go to the File menu. Pull up your PDF and convert. You will be given 99 free tries. Warning: Opening the application counts as a try even if you don't actually convert a file.

The verypdf.com web site states that the letter S will be inserted randomly into your Doc by the trial version. We could not find any additional letters in our test run.

The test app will only convert docs with 5 pages or less. In order to convert larger PDF files you will have to purchase the software. We think the purchase price of $39.95 is worth it!

Our PDF came out formatted correctly in Word. We noted that our Word.doc's font did not match that of the original PDF. The font defaulted to Times New Roman in Word. Our images converted correctly.

Get your PDF2Word 3.0 here: