How to Extract RAR "Zip" Files for Free

Occasionally, people send us AutoCAD Drawings compressed in RAR archived files.

We finally installed 7ZIPFREE and are glad we did. Download your copy at 7-zip.org

Not only does this handy free utility open and extract RAR files, it gives us an alternative with more options & control than the standard Zip function in Windows.

By right clicking any Zip file and choosing Z-Zip from the Curser Menu we can select from choices like: Zip to Email, Extract to a specific directory, Use 7Z or Zip.

Unlike the Windows Zip utility, 7Zip allows you to monitor where your extracted files will end up. A dialog box pops up with selections such as Ask Before Overwrite and Password Entry.

7Z does not create RAR files. If you want to create RAR, find out about WinRAR