OfficeMax $10.00 Ink Cartridge Refills - Recession Buster!

OfficeMax will refill your Printer Ink Cartridges for $10.00. Last week, skeptical but faced with a budget crunch, we took in our empty HP cartridge for a fill up. We only had to wait about 5 minutes while the cartridge was filled.
The refilled cartridge works fine, with some minor glitches. Our HP printer did not immediately recoginize that the ink had been replaced and for a few days we had to ignore dire "Out of Ink" Warnings, when printing. The warnings dissapeared and though a low ink level is still indicated when we print, our prints look normal.
Addendum- 3/02/08: Last week, we went back to OfficeMax with a color cartridge to refill and were told that there was such a long wait that it would take a day! We opted to buy a new cartridge, instead. After replacing our color cartridge with a new one, we noted that although the new HP cartridge registers as full, HP shows the refilled/full cartridge as empty.