CAD Watch - Allplan by Nemetschek - Europe's Popular BIM Solution

We were recently contacted by an architectural designer, looking for work who had just moved to the US, from Spain. He told us that the demand for Revit skills here was a surpise. According to him, Allplan is widely used for 3D architectural design in Europe and Revit is virtually unknown.

Lachmi Khemlani provides an in-depth summary of Allplan's history, strengths and weaknesses on her informative site, AECBYTES. She also states that Allplan is very popular in Europe.
Allplan BIM 2008 Architecture

Here are some excerpts from Lachmi's article in which she outlines basic differences between Allplan and Revit

“…One of the most complex aspects of Allplan that needs to be understood before being able to work with it effectively is how the data is structured. A project is the main organizational unit, and unlike centralized model applications such as Revit, a project in Allplan is a folder containing a large number of sub-folders and files rather than a single file….”

“…Other pluses are its multi-disciplinary capability, all available within the same application, in contrast to other multi-disciplinary suites such as Revit and Bentley, which have different applications for the different disciplines….



How to Scan Wrinkled Blueprints and Plans

To scan damaged plans which are badly wrinkled take two pieces of mylar that match the dimensions of the plans, make a pocket and sandwhich the paper plan in between the mylar. Run this through your scanner. Your scans should come out ironed.

Tip submitted by Brian Kramer- FedEx/Kinko's