Webmaster "In Absentia"? How To Tweak Your Own Web Page

A friend of ours, who is a busy principal, emailed us with a question. He had to change the office address on his web page quickly and asked how to do this himself. So, here goes...

Clueless about web stuff and need to edit text content on one of your web pages? Don't panic. Follow these easy steps:

1. Pull up your browser. Navigate to the web page on your site that you want to modify. (Don't worry about finding the web page on your web server.) Right click on it and save it as a text file.
If this does not work in Explorer try another browser such as Mozilla Firebird.

2. Pull up your text file in Notepad. Don't use Word, it will screw up the HTML. Do a Search (Find..) for the text you want to update. When you find it, edit the text.

3. SaveAs with an html extension and email the page to your webmaster for uploading.

Note: This won't work if the web page is in PHP or if the content is in Flash. No webmaster? That is the subject of another tutorial.


Take AutoCAD Home from the Office - Yes, It's Legal

It is quite a perk and perfectly legal to install AutoCAD at home if your office has purchased a licensed copy for your workstation.

More specifics:

How To Legally Install Your Office Copy at Home (This will not work for a Network Liscense):

After installation on your home workstation AutoCAD will prompt you to either:
(1) Enter or (2) Get Your Authorization code. You do not need to have the code handy.

Choose the option to Get your Authorization Code and enter all your your company information as if you were at the office (i.e. enter your office location, email etc) just as it is entered on your office workstation installation. AutoDesk should then approve your authorization.
Autodesk expects each workstation to have a few reinstalls and this is counted as a reinstall.

If your authorization code is not verified, check with your Network Administrator or CAD Manager.

Addendum - Sept. 21, 2007 : Autodesk will request an Authorization code each time AutoCAD is reinstalled at your home location.


Make Your Day Easier - AutoDesk DWG TrueView 2007

Who isn't getting tired of constant upgrades? We are still supporting clients who insist on using R14!

Kudos’ to Autodesk! They are continuing to improve their free options for AutoCAD file viewing.

AutoDWG works well. Recommended for principals and staff who do not have to modify drawing files.

Don't try to get DWG TrueView 2007 up and running right before a deadline!

Give yourself at least 30 minutes to download and install this application and an hour to review its features.

We hit a snag during it's installation of the .NET Framework and had to restart the computer and try again.

Once up and running it responds to commands quickly but pulls up drawings slowly on our workstation.

Download Your Copy Here...

More Information from Shaan Hurley...

Addendum: Editor's Pick - Helpful TrueView Tips


ERROR: Layout not initialized - from Beyond the Paper



Mysterious computer glitch got you down? Try DiskCheck first.

Alameda Business Machines (refer to earlier post on Spyware) also recommends the old fashioned CHKDSK command for “do it yourself repair” of mysterious Windows XP computer glitches. It still works.

Before running to your tech support guru or computer repair shop, try this.

From My Computer, Right Click your Local Disk (C:) and select “Properties” from the Menu.
Select the Tools Tab. Hit the “Check Now” Button under “Error-Checking”.

Check the “Disk Options”. Hit “Start”. A message box will appear recommending that DiskCheck be scheduled next time you start the computer. Hit the “Yes” button.

Plan to restart your computer when you can wait approx. 1 hour for DiskCheck to run. You will be unable to work during this time.

Over the holiday, we tested DiskCheck on a computer which was repeatedly locking up on the same DLL file during a McAfee virus scan. Our only recourse had been to turn off the computer. DiskCheck fixed the problem and our McAfee Scan now works fine.