Windows File Rename Nirvana - Bulk Rename Utility

We highly recommend the Bulk Rename Utility by Jim Wilshire. It takes the drudgery out of renaming large quantities of files in Windows. Complicated file names are handled with ease!

This application is a breeze to download, and install. The Windows Explorer Interface is easy to navigate. A dashboard allows users to sort files by Match Expression, Find & Replace, Add Prefix, Add Suffix etc. Rename options range from simple to complex.

When you select the file to rename, it is possible to view your file's new name, in a Rename Column so glitches can be corrected in advance. The Undo command is a life saver.

Addendum - added on 5/21/08: If your project involves complex naming configurations, it is possible to save your settings in a "BRU" config file for later use. Hit the File Menu and go to Save.

Download your copy at: