Kinnosa CAD Tool Integration for Engineering Document Management

I wanted to personally inform you about some new developments to the First Trace website that you and CAD TechRx readers may find valuable. At http://www.firsttrace.com/ we have added a new Kinnosa Product Tour section that lets site visitors experience the different interface options provided by this flexible Engineering Document Management (EDM) solution.

Take the Kinnosa Product Tour yourself and invite others to witness how Kinnosa directly integrates with Windows Explorer, CAD Tools such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and MicroStation, as well as Desktop Applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These multiple interface options provide tremendous flexibility to engineers needing to control their important CAD files and related documentation.

We have also created a new Webinar Series of live educational events for the engineering community. Please visit our Events Page to check out our upcoming events, including our next Webinar: The Five Pillars of Engineering Document Management. This event was born out of our most popular white paper of the same name, so we are holding 2 sessions of this Webinar on Sept 22 @ 10AM PT / 1PM ET and Sept 24 @ 12PM PT / 3PM ET.

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CAD Watch – gINT Software - Graphic Displays of Geologic Data

gINT Software graphically displays geologic data from Soil Borings. Third Party Add-ons give users the ability to seamlessly utilize gINT data in AutoCAD, Excel (Langan-LagEq) and Esri ArcGIS (Datgal, Rockware). The most current version of gINT can create displays in Google Earth.

Geologic data is usually collected by geologic technicians in the field. It is brought back to the office and transcribed into gINT software later.   Technicians may enter this data from the scientist's hand written field notes on gINT templates or import from specialized logging software like Plog.

Examples of Various gINT Boring Logs:

What is new in gINT - Google Earth