Looking for a Free & Easy to Use FTP Client? Try Filezilla!

Filezilla is a free FTP client which is easy to use and configure.

Features we like:
Filezilla updates by automatically uninstalling its outdated version before installing the current upgrade.

FTP addresses can be loaded and stored in the Quickconnect bar at the top of the user interface or configured in Site Manager.

Tiered interface allows simultanious view of File Directory Structure, Sub-Directories and Active Processes.

Status bar shows visual progress of uploads or downloads.

File Attributes are easily managed by right clicking on your ftp directory folders

Tech support and interesting browsing is available at:Filezilla Forums

Download Filezilla

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Tech Support said...

I tried to Load FTP addresses in quikconnect bar but unable to do it. what is the cause for this problem ?

Tech Support