Looking for an Online Fax Service? - We Recommend GotVMail

We really like GotVMail's Online Toll-Free Fax Service. Client's who need to share drawings with us can easily fax in their plans.

GotVMail's TIFFServer interface gives us the ability to mark-up our incoming faxes and save them to PDF or JPG.
The dashboard features include: Convert to PDF, Scroll pages, Fit, Zoom, Format, Add a Sticky Note, Add text, Highlight, Add an arrow, Stamp. The Stamp cursor menu, shown in the screen shot below, provides a selection of messages to choose from.

Although GotVMail's 800 numbers can double as a fax line we don't recommend this for anyone who relies on their fax. Clients complained that transmission was intermittant when they faxed to our Gotvmail 800 number. Adding a dedicated GotVMail fax line solved the problem.

GotVMail's technical support team is responsive and available via phone or email. They can customize your setup.

Visit GotVMail.com for more information.

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