MEP BIM Coordination Debate

"There is a general confusion when it comes to Revit. Revit is simply a different platform.

If you are coordinating a project, there is a common platform, such as NAVIS WORKS where all of the different elements come together to collaborate.

For example your steel can be created by Tecla, your architecture by Revit, your Fire Protection by FireCad, your HVAC/Mechanical piping by Maps software, your plumbing by Quickpen, and your electrical by Revit MEP.

All of the different file extrentions get loaded on to the NavisWorks File (NWF) reguardless from where they originated. The biggest issue emerging is the lack of understanding……and the fact that everyone is being misled by software vendors. As of today (and for at least the next 5-7 years) no one platform is capable of creating a true Building Information Model. "

This helpful information was submitted by:
Franklyn Lowder
BIM Coordinator

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