AutoCAD 2005 Error Message - class associated with CLISD...not registered.

Question submitted to TechRx - AutoCAD 2005 error message

I work with jpg images in CAD drawings and they frequently need modification. In the past I could click on the image, go to Properties and adjust the image under "Image Adjust". But now when I do that I get the following error message.

"Unable to bring up dialog because class associated with CLSID {E68312A2-580C-4F22-BCD9-2E0CE58CB135} is not registered."

I get this error message for the last several days. Any ideas?

CLISD is in reference to a COM object that cannot find a class it is looking for. The cause of the error message is a corrupted registry. The corruption can be caused by uninstalling or installing software. A trojan or worm can also write into the registry.

In this case our user told us that the error message only happened when they invoked the "Image Adjust" command. We recommended re-installing AutoCAD.

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