Quick Fix - ArxError eDuplicateKey Nightmare

An annoying Dialog Box appears when user is trying to insert a block. Unfortunately, this dialog box cannot be closed!! It is an unwelcome reminder that you are working with incompatable versions of AutoDesk software.

To fix - download and install the appropriate Autodesk Hotfix.

Note: Updated Links on July 1, 2007 Provided by JTB World (http://www.jtbworld.com/)

For AutoCAD® 2004 or 2004 based products:


For AutoCAD® 2005 or 2005 based products:


For AutoCAD® 2006 or 2006 based products:


Addendum 7/24/07: Helpful Link - Cad Forum



CAD Tech said...

this page did not help me because the page for the download was not found. i am still looking for a solution.

clg tech support said...

Thanks for the heads up! Unfortunately, the links posted here have been removed from the Autodesk website.

This posting on our blog is to date the most frequently visited by people all over the world searching for a solution to ArxError eDuplicateKey. If anyone has recommendations please post here, you will help many.

We have said it before and will say it again. Autodesk's policy of constant upgrades is a liablity, not an asset.

Anonymous said...

I have installed the hotfix "OEHotfix.2005.exe" (I am using AutoCad Architecture Desktop 2005) and this still does not resovle this issue. I've tried other version hotfixes also, but I don't think this is correct and it made no difference either. Any other suggestions?