Mysterious computer glitch got you down? Try DiskCheck first.

Alameda Business Machines (refer to earlier post on Spyware) also recommends the old fashioned CHKDSK command for “do it yourself repair” of mysterious Windows XP computer glitches. It still works.

Before running to your tech support guru or computer repair shop, try this.

From My Computer, Right Click your Local Disk (C:) and select “Properties” from the Menu.
Select the Tools Tab. Hit the “Check Now” Button under “Error-Checking”.

Check the “Disk Options”. Hit “Start”. A message box will appear recommending that DiskCheck be scheduled next time you start the computer. Hit the “Yes” button.

Plan to restart your computer when you can wait approx. 1 hour for DiskCheck to run. You will be unable to work during this time.

Over the holiday, we tested DiskCheck on a computer which was repeatedly locking up on the same DLL file during a McAfee virus scan. Our only recourse had been to turn off the computer. DiskCheck fixed the problem and our McAfee Scan now works fine.

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