Take AutoCAD Home from the Office - Yes, It's Legal

It is quite a perk and perfectly legal to install AutoCAD at home if your office has purchased a licensed copy for your workstation.

More specifics:

How To Legally Install Your Office Copy at Home (This will not work for a Network Liscense):

After installation on your home workstation AutoCAD will prompt you to either:
(1) Enter or (2) Get Your Authorization code. You do not need to have the code handy.

Choose the option to Get your Authorization Code and enter all your your company information as if you were at the office (i.e. enter your office location, email etc) just as it is entered on your office workstation installation. AutoDesk should then approve your authorization.
Autodesk expects each workstation to have a few reinstalls and this is counted as a reinstall.

If your authorization code is not verified, check with your Network Administrator or CAD Manager.

Addendum - Sept. 21, 2007 : Autodesk will request an Authorization code each time AutoCAD is reinstalled at your home location.

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